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With an increase in the home entertainment industry and people wanting to spend more time in their house instead of going out, projection, sound, and video equipment is becoming a staple in regular homes. People build their entertainment systems and enjoy it in the comfort and privacy of their homes, together with high-quality movies or other video projections.

That is why we are reviewing the best short throw projectors on the market and discuss all their features in detail. You might’ve considered buying one already, but were intimidated by the huge offer on the market and the technicalities of these products. You can start by reading more about what a short throw projector is, or other FAQ on our website.

Not only we give you extensive buying guides, but we select the best options on the market and us back our choice by clearly explained arguments.

We offer the expertise of professional reviewers and gather important information about short throw projectors, that can benefit amateurs and fans alike. Make sure to follow us and read the newest reviews that are added to our collection.